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Works great.
Jeremy Newman
Jeremy Newman  Staff Member
Posted 2007-01-16 11:22
I was able to install BC on Ubuntu 6.10 with no issues. Just use the Eject button on our installer dialog to change CDs. Ubuntu will automount when you insert the next CD, the installer will then just detect the CD insertion and continue.

The only issue I encounterd was that the intro movie was cut in half, only the right half of the movie was playing. Strange. I don't recall that happening with the original cinematic. Possible this one is encoded in a new codec and that codec has an issue. Minor issue though.
linuxjoe Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2007-01-16 17:32
the intro movie was fine on my ubuntu 6.10 it was in letterbox but fine otherwise
Posted 2007-01-16 19:19
worked for me beutifly, even the itnro video played just fine, i'll give another report on game play, ihaven't accually played any just did installs, but problems...I love you codeweavers
Max Muston
Max Muston
Posted 2007-01-18 09:53
hi all,
last sunday when the server login system crashed, I too played the intro movie on the old wow not bc and the movie was cut in half. so i dont think its a bc problem as much as some thing blizzard is doing differently.

10.1 suse
nvidia 6600 dual headed dvi
amd64 operon
1gig ram
running program windowized 1024x1280
Posted 2007-01-18 18:28
I don't think it was a blizzard problem. when i installed bc, i watched the intro and it was fine, of course i was running at 1280x1024

6.06 ubuntu
nvidia 6800 GTS
amd64 opteron 242
2 gig ram
running it fullscreen

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