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ATI users - what driver?
Posted 2007-01-17 09:20
Anyone running an ATI card - even better on SUSE? Before I go adding and removing drivers on SLED, I'd like to get an idea about which ones work. Do the latest ATI proprietary drivers work? I have an ATI Mobility X300 card - supported by these drivers, but am still using the SLED-only ATI drivers from several months back.
Posted 2007-01-17 15:30
even though i like ATI, I've never had any luck using them with linux. I stick to nvidia until ATI gets better drivers.
I also take the preference of installing drivers from the manufacturers website, I've always had good luck with with
others would say use the prepackaged once from you distro..which does make it easier, but they are always acouple
of versions behind, and its not always a good thing to upgrade to the latest version. good luck with it though, let us
know if you get it working.
Posted 2007-01-17 20:55
Got it working on my ATI Mobility x300 - made a post about it on the other WoW forums here. Only prob is that the sound stutters a bit and I can't make any changes to the Video Options - crashes the game. Using the config posted in tips & tricks.

Used these drivers:  

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