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random freezes on FC6 i686
Josef Schabasser
Posted 2007-03-20 14:21

I think the headline says everything. I replaced my FC6 x86_64 with an i686, because some software didn't work. I thought BC would run better, but this was false.
The screen freezes, but the sound and background music plays along! Sometimes when I log in it crashes and locks up my whole system! When I want to change graphics settings I get an error #132!

I disabled selinux and audit and I disabled the new dir_index optimization.

This is the only game which does so and I don't want to play it on windows!

What can I do?

Best Wishes
Josef Schabasser
Posted 2007-03-20 15:08
😠 You should never trust a windows program!

Everytime you start the game look in its config file and disable pixel shaders and specular...

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