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new to crossover - NOT new to wow
Posted 2007-03-21 11:10
Hi all,

as far as i understand crossover i should reinstall wow. point is (as many i think) i have wow
already installed on some windows partition. i have enough hdd space to copy it over to
my linux partition.

what (if im blind enough to oversee please post me where i can find the information) steps should i take in detail
to get wow to run without having to install EVERYTHING (including tbc) again.

should i just copy over, use the "cxrun" command ? trying so results in a "no bottles installed" error message.
i promise i will read some docs tonight, but id really appreciate it if anyone could give me a hint/direction.

thanks for your help in advance,
Posted 2007-03-22 07:11
Ok talking to meself :)

What I did:

I added a new bottle with "cxsetup" / Manage Bottle / Create New Bottle
--- actually i did nothing much but chosing winXP bottle, naming it
--- "xp1", leaving everything to default

I manually copied all content from my World of Warcraft/Windows Partition
--- i created manually ~/.cxoffice/xp1/drive_c/Program Files/wow Directory
--- and placed all files there
--- for some reason i had to allow writing for owner, could be my
--- unability to configure linux good enough,
--- anyways, chmod -R 755 _my_wow_dir_ did the trick (it was 550)

I HAD to delete inside WOW my /WTF/ file
--- I created a new one, containing the data i found at

Voila! Thats how far i came.

Remaining "issues":
- WOW wont show up at "cxsetup" / Installed Programs.

- To start i use "cxrun", chose my xp1 bottle, navigate to my wow directory
 and start "launcher.exe".
 (I tried the "create shortcut" Button there, but to me nothing happens,
 no idea where the shortcut (if) was created).

- What i get next is obviously already a Windows dialog box, named Launcher,
 showing me the red cross image saying "Internal Application Error."
 Whatever, clicking OK brings up the Launcher Window, no Content there,
 but clicking "Play" works.

- It feels rather slow, but I'll follow more Tips&Tricks, and yes I can
 also sign the paper saying "the Sound comes a bit laggy".
 Meaning I do something, and the Sound to that action needs 0.5-1 sec
 to be heard.

So far so good, I'm happy, if you dont consider my "diary" here SPAM I'll
keep you posted.

for the horde :),
Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2007-03-24 17:48
Crossover adjusts some wow config settings when installing wow, the most important is configuring it to use the opengl renderer. The start menu entries are created by the installer too. (If you copy an application installation that way to a windows box you don't get start menu entries magically either).

Regarding the sound lag, a user had success by setting the sound buffer size below 100.

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