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Disconnect after login.
Daniel Rammelt
Posted 2013-05-16 01:34
Hi I am currently unable to play WoW using Crossover Linux 12.2.1 (This is the first install). I copied the game files from windows since the patcher doesnt work at all.

Once I load wow and login at the login screen the game waits a few seconds then says you have been disconnected.
I tried launching the game using 64 bit wine instead of crossover and it runs fine.
I  then tried launching it using 32bit wine and had exactly the same problem as crossover does.

So why wont it login using crossover which I am assuming is 32 bit also?

Debian Wheezy (7) 64 bit.
Crossover using 64bit debian installer.
Posted 2013-07-23 09:13
Have you tried clearing your cache, what about a firewall?

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