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WoW Support Ticket system
Roland Jeremies
Roland Jeremies
Posted 2013-11-24 06:15

it seems Blizzard has changed the layout of the ticket system, now using components of the internet explorer (on whatever version).

Since WoW is installed by default in a Win2000 bottle, the latest version was MSIE 6 SP1 which seems to be not more available as (full) download.
the Installer is available anyway.

Are there any possible alternatives i.e. can I simple change the platform to winxp instead of win2000 to install MSIE7 or 8 which is also available as full download in the internet?

Or does anybody know what "important" components are necessary to get the ticket system working?

I use Crossover 13 on Ubuntu 12.03 LTS 64bit, I used the universal installer, not the DEB package.
Posted 2014-01-20 08:55
I have used XP bottles in the past for WoW without any issue so you may try that. :)

You can also reach the same ingame support team on their support site located at you may try this as a workaround as well.

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