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Improvements: 64bit binaries? Alternative python?
I know this ain't the first time and most likely not the last time as in the WoW thread, but 64bit binaries would be nice to have specially now when my distribution has changed to "True multilib", which means I get both a 64bit and a 32bit version of almost everything. I rather had the 64bit binary and loose a few features than keep on with the 32bit binaries.

Also when we are in a world with python3/python2.7, I think it should be possible during install to tell if you want to use python or python2.7 as the python exec, this way you don't have so much issues when most of the rest of the system relies on python3 (which is executed as python). No, I'm not asking for python3 support, just that I can choose which binary to execute when starting the python scripts.
Not sure about your distro, but as far as Python versions, that is taken care of on RHEL/CentOS/Oracle by the use of software collections.  Safe installs of newer versions that can be toggled between at will.

As far as 64 bit, thats a tough one.  But if you really need to go x64 with WoW, I did an install for a friend in PlayOnLinux that works quite well.  In fact I have around somewhere PoL script that likely can be modified to be an X64 instance quite easily that I made for BNet.  Buzz me if you want to give that route a stab.  The nice thing there is if it breaks due to Blizzards updates for Legion, you still have Crossover.

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