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Siren Watcher
Siren Watcher
Posted 2016-03-23 13:30
So... I recently tried out Crossover to see if it would fix the issue below, for me.

It happens infrequently, maybe once a day over an extended period of playtime, but its just something that I can't risk happening in a group environment :).

There seems to be a bottleneck in the memory of the game.


Any idea of how to fix this?

Now that I'm going through and reading each post. I share this issue:;msg=96326#msg97462, which seems to be from 2010-2011.

I put in a fresh install of the game for crossover, I do have some basic addons installed. But I have ran heaps prior with no issue.

Blizzards support page on the issue states those options.

"> Programs running in the background on your computer may take system resources (like memory) that World of Warcraft needs to run properly. Close any unnecessary background programs.
> Running certain addons or user interface (UI) files can be very demanding for your computer and cause performance issues in World of Warcraft. Try resetting your UI.
> Try reducing the View Distance setting in the in-game System menu. This will lower the game’s demand on your computer and save memory.
> If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, we recommend upgrading to a 64-bit operating system. This will allow your computer to use much more memory and should permanently resolve this error."

Now see, I believe the issue might be because to run in Wine, it must be in 32-bit mode to work. And the 32-bit mode is bottlenecking.

My issue was, even with a 64-bit installation of Wine installed prior to Crossover, still needed to be put to 32-bit or it wouldn't load WoW unfortunately.
Obligating that yes, this issue:;msg=168407#msg170268, is probably the causality of the problem.

I notice that the forum posts are from late 2014- early 2015... so its now early 2016... Any chance of it getting fixed at any time ;)?

So reading the forums:

So the patch fix seems to be "An alternative would be to compile the current WoW.exe with IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE set, making the VA space 4GB on 64-bit Windows"... with *has no idea how to do this*...


~ Siren.
Andrew Schott
Andrew Schott Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2016-03-23 18:05
Me too.  I do believe since it seems rather agnostic to distro used, that this is likely an issue with running out of RAM due to the 32Bitness of wine.

There are 4 solutions here:
1)Deal with it
2)Make Codeweavers pull some voodoo out of their collective asses to rewrite Linux memory management or patch it in a way that the root cause is remedied (wine blocks a chunk of ram out that windows doesnt expect to be able to use)
3)Make Blizzard do a Linux client
4)Try running WoW in a 64 bit wine instance.

4 Sucks, I tried it, and even thought of just dealing with it if it wasnt too bad so I can be lazy and not rebuild when it got stable.  Nope, gave up, crash central.  I have "backup" instances of wow in PlayOnLinux both 32 and 64 wine versions.  32 bit works fine, 64-bit is a sick joke, and its entirely understandable why Codeweavers isn't supporting it.

3 is least likely, but what I hope for.  That said, the devs are contributing to wine (personally, not as a corporation from what I last heard), and do help people out on the forums and ingame for Wine users.  Thats cool, and better than alot when it comes to wine.

2 is where we will probably see something, not sure how fast though.  The problem sounds easy, but its a real nasty one to actually remedy.

1 is where I am at.  Which is fine since it happens after a long "shift" at gaming, and mostly I think due to a few addons that I know are badly written.  My Nostalrius and WoW prefixes in PlayOnLinux are bare (rarely touch them) and alot more stable.  I will get crashes if I copy over (rather symlink) my Crossover bottle addons folder.  Crossover gets very stable when I disable all my addons.  The "timer" also resets I notice if I quit out and come back into bnet.  So, what I do when I encounter a crash, I force quit the bottle, and just reload.  I got another 6-8 hours or so.

And lastly, recompiling WoW is for blizzard to do, we don't have access to the source (otherwise I would make a Linux client, trust me, I would) so its impossible for us.  

Siren Watcher
Siren Watcher
Posted 2016-03-24 03:36
Thanks for the swift reply Andrew :D.

I couldn't write the code, personally, so I tend to just hit the brick wall, /cry a lot -.-, and spend hours searching through shit I don't understand trying to understand XP.

At least you have the complexity to at least see a future in which the client and its code make some kind of long term sense to you...

Thankyou for explaining it was complicated :).

So what about this:
So the patch fix seems to be "An alternative would be to compile the current WoW.exe with IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE set, making the VA space 4GB on 64-bit Windows"... with *has no idea how to do this*...

The blue post, on the forum about it. I believe from what i read on one of the middle posts in response by him, is that he uses this patch at home. If its going to make it more stable... any idea of how to make it work.

I does happen only once a day really, and it does just log straight back on so its not big deal. Its just, in the heat of the moment, wiping a raid might be a bad way to go. But, ill be flushing out my addons [which i have been trying to do over the last year anyway, getting a fine tuned list for effective fps]. I cleaned out the cache < and ill keep doing this regularly.

So hopefully that fixes some of the issue. But yeah... did u try the patch?

It gives me a program, wine, crossover and etc just look at it like "wtf is this weird program" -.-. So I'm a little lost on where to put it in the backend files :P.

You are allowed to say, "its too complicated to teach you," because I got the impression on the forums that it was semi innate. Like people knew because it was a part of what they did within their comps, hence why it wasnt explained I think somewhat. He does have an interesting blog on that site... interesting indeed :). But i couldnt really find a step-by-step install guide, because its usable for a wide range of programs /sigh..., except that. Thats a readme, but I have no history with injecting code to a portable executable file, rofl.
Andrew Schott
Andrew Schott Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2016-03-24 05:49
Hey thanks for more details on the "patch".  That's alot different than what I was expecting.  Give me a few days to get a chance to play with it.  I hope I can run it in wine, otherwise I can fire off a win8 VM and try it there.

Being on my phone right now, I will have to check this out when I get off work later.  But this looks cool.

As for teachable or not, I will lay out what I know and be open for clarifications if it was unclear.  I try to treat others like they have a functional brain still :).

Thanks again!
Siren Watcher
Siren Watcher
Posted 2016-03-31 03:50
"I try to treat others like they have a functional brain still :)."
Ha, i approve.

So... the forums seem to have developed their own patch if you want to include it into crossover for WoW :): [for PlayonLinux]

I think thats kind of the summarised results from page 1...

Thanks for taking a crack at it :).

Yea the forums were going wild, it wasnt a real issue for me, after the double clicking thing. But i was temporarily trying to reload just with Wine and not crossover and it gave me the non-login error.

I still get the "have to double click on my realm" to switch over or I get logged out.

See Blizzard is running their Alpha trial (websites are saying Beta very soon), for their new expansion set to release in a few months. And so I'm guessing their upgrading bits prior to the release of the new Expansion to make the 20gb upgrade smoother :) XD.

So, getting the problems fixed now will probably be a good idea with Crossover/Wine, because there might be a handful more soon; as millions of people return to the game in a few months and break it in all kinds of ways :P.

Thanks for replying Andrew :D

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