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Legion Patch Launcher broken
Jonathan C Arbogast
Jonathan C Arbogast
Posted 2016-07-27 00:12
Tried to log on after the most recent launcher patch/upgrade on July 26, 2016.  Once the new launcher updated and restarted it did not restart.  After multiple attempts including rebooting my computer, I am not able to launch the launcher.  I'm only able to play by launching the game directly from the wow bottle.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  It appears Bliz has broken the launcher for us crossover users with this most recent update.  Is there a way to download and install any future patches with the launcher broken?
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen
Posted 2016-07-27 12:13
You can install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (14.0) Redistributable Runtime component into your current WoW bottle and it should get the Battlenet launcher back and running.

Andrew Schott
Andrew Schott Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2016-07-27 16:43
Confirmed fix, thanks!
John Kehr
John Kehr
Posted 2016-08-03 22:52
Can confirm this worked for me as well.  Thanks as always.

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