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game freezes
Every so often the game will freeze and I'll have to do a force quit.  Sometimes it will be minutes other times it will be hours before I can play again.

When I do a log it spits out 'fixme:d3d:texture_resource_sub_resource_map Dynamic resource map is inefficient.' non stop when game is frozen.

I'm using linux mint 17.2, gtx 660 and version 16 of crossover.
I'm having freezing problems as well, started right after upgrading to xover 16.
I contacted "official support" to see what they have to say.

Same here.
kubuntu 16.10
crossover 16
Never happened on previous version.
This is not normal behavior.  The normal crash should be something regarding the RAM being exhausted (a 32bit wine limitation).  I am using the Crosstie current as of launch of Draenor when I reinstalled all of BNET into a fresh bottle (screwed with alot during the making of Diablo 3 work), and I only have issues if I game and run out of RAM in the aforementioned crash case.  64 bit works, but is very slow (half framerate and very erratic at best).  All I did was copy the bottle and set it to Win7 x64.  There is still alot of fixing I need to do there.

My best advice would be to rescan your game files in BNET and check them for corruption, that has happened to be the case for me in odd cases.   Also, when you are going to be idle for a long period of time, it would be also helpful to run Memtest86 for a good day to see if this is a RAM issue.  I had a system a few years ago that was getting very wonky on just a couple applications and it turned out to be a bad RAM module.  Yanking that stick made all the difference.   I bring that up because diagnosing Wine issues can feel like a black art, and a simple thing like a bad RAM module is a lot easier to troubleshoot (run Memtest for a good long time and see if it pukes errors out).

Other ideas are to make sure you are on the latest kernel that your distro(s) released, and the latest NVIDIA/AMD GPU drivers (if applicable).  The open source ones generally come along for the ride in each kernel release, so if you are on those a simple kernel update should fix that.

And out of curiousity, is it just WoW that is giving you grief?  Only wine?
Ty for reply
Crossover only freeze with wow after update to 16 version. Ram is fine, all system is updated, kernel, nvidia drivers to latest. Other games work fine either crossover installed or steam (native games like Dying Light). Must be any problem with crossover.
Couple things to try:

1) Disable PEG (Performance Enhanced Graphics) in the bottle you're playing WoW in.


2) Try disabling all your add-ons.

Doing #1 got rid of the freeze issue... but in continued testing I was able to turn PEG back on w/ my add-ons disabled and
it didn't freeze immediately as it had been doing.  I don't know if one has anything to do with the other.. but I'm going to keep
messing around with these and see what happens.  HTH.
I have experienced the same freeze as above, with the same diagnostic message.  Ubuntu 16.04, Crossover 16,  Nvidia 1070, Nvidia Driver 367.57, rest of system updated with the latest patches.

It appears to have only happened to me when I was in Legion Dalaran, and only when it's busy (perhaps a character with a particular animation effect on his armor or weapon comes onscreen?)  If it's not busy, I have been able to run through to the bank and flypoint without freezing.

Turning off Performance Enhanced Graphics seems to have alleviated the issue, but it does appear to come at a substantial FPS loss.  I didn't do before/after comparisons though.

I'm going to try running it with the 375.26 version of the Nvidia driver to see if it makes a difference.  

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