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Frame rate is worse with 7.2.0 than was with 7.2.0RC5

I'm ecstatic to report that it runs, but the frame rate is so bad that it's unplayable.
I'm running a MacBook Pro 2.2Ghz C2D, 4GB RAM, 128MB GeForce 8600M GT. How is everyone else doing with it?

Anyone know any way to get the game to run at a decent framerate? Something is seriously wrong to make a game this old run worse then it did on my Pentium II.

It runs and the menus work perfectly fine with the newest worms patch, but playing a game is not possible due to horrible framerate.

2.53 Unibody MBP.

Yes, something is seriously wrong, I know what, and it's Stefan's fault. I'm trying to make sure he fixes it for the next release.

That would be awesome. I was happy to see the game install, patch, and execute with no menu errors or anything. The game plays fine, all options seem to work, but the frame rate is abysmal.

Almost there!

Also, any idea how to press the "Insert" key on the thin aluminum Mac keyboard? Any options through crossover to force a keystroke or something?

I figured it would be mapped to the "help" key above the fwd delete key. Is that not the case?

What do you use insert for on Worms?

"Insert" is used to adjust the background detail. That probably would help a little bit with the framerate.

The aluminum keyboard no longer has a help key.

I have an older USB Mac Keyboard (The clear and white one) that does have a Help key, but even that didn't work.

There's currently no way to send an "Insert" keystroke to a Windows program running under CrossOver on the Mac. The fact that it's not present on the keyboard is only part of the issue. The bigger part is that our code just has no means of generating that key value. That's my fault. It's on my list.

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