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Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO. Earth has stopped rotating, and the last human survivors live in a small strip of habitable space between scorching sun and frozen waste, constantly on the move through the massive Open World in search of precious resources.Traverse the world on your Walker: a wooden, wind-powered machine inspired by Theo Jansen’s amazing strandbeests. Walkers are siege engines that can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat. Personalize your Walker to fit your needs with a multitude of structures, attachments, and upgrades!With the Earth’s rotation slowed, the planet is split into two extreme and deadly environments. Only a narrow region between the burning and freezing halves of the planet can support life. The sun burns the land in the west, turning it to dust, while beyond the western horizon the Earth has long been frozen in impenetrable ice. Survive by exploiting what’s left of the world: find a source of water, hunt ferocious creatures, fend off pirates, brew mind-bending Vitamins, and uncover hidden Walker technologies. Build autonomous machines to harness the power of the wind. Claw your way from a ragged nomadic trader to the heights of a mercenary king, fleet commander, or a legendarily-rich merchant.Individuals and small groups of players have as many opportunities as clans to prosper. Clans might control territories and lead the economy, but cunning traders, skilled mercenaries, agile hunters and pirates will find niches that better suit solo play. While solo play will always be a viable playstyle, social features like voice chat make it easy to meet new friends and team up to kill some of the largest creatures. Recent advances in remote and autonomous weapon technology developed by Flotillan engineers offer new opportunities for Nomads who want to face the world alone.After centuries of conflict, a faction of Nomads calling themselves Flotillans have unified many previously warring bands under their banner and have declared a large swath of desert a safe zone. By Flotillan decree, violence between Nomads is prevented and attempts to undermine the decree will be met with swift punishment: banishment from Flotillan society. Here, Nomads are free to trade, socialize, hone their skills, and prepare for journeys into the uncontrolled territories.For as long as anyone can remember, Rupu have posed a consistent threat to the survival of Nomads scavenging the sands. But recently reports have begun reaching the Flotilla that Rupu have been spotted wielding Flotillan weapons and repurposing weapons from broken down Walkers. There are even whispers that Rupu have learned to tame even the most ferocious creatures and are riding them around the sands like giant war machines, but no witnesses are willing to confirm such a tale. The most terrifying of all, a massive sandworm dubbed "The Long Ones", are the biggest threats nomads will face. The worms are ravenous. Once the beast focuses on a Walker, it loses sight of everything else. In order to defeat the worm, experienced nomadic hunters must band together. Entering its territory underprepared will mean certain death. If the hunters succeed, they’ll have a reason to tap a few barrels of fermented cacti. They’ve just gotten their hands on some of the rarest and most sought-after resources – enough to make their entire crew rich and powerful.There are trade networks that stretch between the discovered oases. In this global, player-driven economy, smart and quick traders can take advantage of supply and demand to make huge profits. Other nomads may opt to hunt down rare schematics or resources only harvestable from the most ferocious beasts. It’s always wise to consider potential competitors first, though. Threaten another clan’s operation, and you may become their next target.The large, open world is made up of many interconnected oases that are over 100km2 each. While each Nomad will require a base of operations, exploration is essential. Rare resources will be spread across the world and each Oasis offers its own challenges.Explore them to reveal new and unique biomes while plundering their limited resources. Nomads have begun to notice more severe weather patterns; constant sandstorms make traveling between Oases a more challenging task than ever. But where there is a challenge, there is sure to be a reward.Outside of Flotillan territories, Nomads will find a violent and lawless world. Inhabited by more fearsome creatures and more savage Nomads, preparation is key for surviving such a voyage. Some Nomads, the most hardened and steely-eyed, attempt to make their home here, for easier access to more valuable resources. Such a life is not an easy one.Last Oasis features dynamic, skill-based directional melee combat. Nomads can choose their weapon from a wide range of both one and two-handed swords, maces, axes, and quarterstaves. If you prefer ranged combat, you can customize your Walker with weapons like ballistas, scattershot guns, repeaters, or even giant slingshots. Specialize in one or become a more versatile fighter by trying to master them all.Building and improving your base is an essential part of surviving the harsh world. Exploring is inherently fraught with risk. There is no better feeling than to pull back into your Hangar - on the edge of death with your Walker falling apart - to be greeted by the rejuvenating warmth of your fire and the moist air inside your home. Today, you tempted fate and won. Good job, Nomad.Grow your clan into a political and economic power. Control a region and build alliances to protect your income, because war is always around the corner. Enemy clans will challenge your control and threaten to take away everything you’ve built.Master the vertical movement. Grappling hooks are essential tools for every Nomad. Used to board Walkers - of both friend and foe - and navigate spaces unaccessible by Walkers, any Nomad caught in the sands without their grapple is as good as dead; it's a tool that can be adapted to almost any playstyle. It’s all about your skill: some struggle to climb the smallest rocks, while others swing through forests with ease.

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