Microsoft Word Viewer 97-2000 Media

Everything, including tables, page headers and cliparts will be rendered and printed exactly as expected.
With the Word Viewer, documents will appear exactly like their author intended.
Font rendering is very important for Word documents. Fortunately CrossOver provides top notch font quality. In this screenshot you can see how a document would look with three types of font handling.
  • On the left you see what the document would look like with the standard X11 fonts typically used by X applications. Problems are numerous: fonts are gettting substituted, they are not anti-aliased, and they don't have exactly the right size which changes the document layout. Note that the layout had to be tweaked significantly to make the comparison possible.
  • In the center you see what the same document would look like in an application using the regular FreeType library with no hinting support as shipped by most Linux distributions. This already shows great progress: fonts are anti-aliased and the title uses the right font because Word installed it and CrossOver picked it up automatically. Also the text layout matches exactly the intended layout as can be seen, when comparing to the rightmost panel.
    But small fonts look bad because of the lack of hinting. Recent FreeType libraries include an auto-hinter that improves greatly on this but still gets the character spacing wrong in some cases.
  • The rightmost panel is how the document will look like when running the Word Viewer in CrossOver. It is identical to the middle panel but regular text looks significantly better. This is because CrossOver ships with a FreeType library including Apple's patented hinting algorithms.

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Note: Media shown in the Compatibility Center are often representative of compatibility on both Mac and Linux platforms.

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