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Noob Killer
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Noob Killer is a small tool designed to easily rid common worms and viruses, it has many useful tools that would help users and administrators get back control and clean their PC´s/Workstations. The most recent version is able to pick up and remove the Following || possible new and Old versions. * VBS Worm\Solow * Baguio Strawberry Worm * Yahoo! Worm (Sohanad) || Some Variants * Krag.exe (I´m Not The Only One) * Destrukto | explorar.vbs * jay.exe | jaymykawen9 * w32dranyam | marcmaynard.exe * Funny UST Scandal(Avi).exe * SilentSoftech.exe | anti-taga lipa are * Disk Knight * Thank You!! Password WinZip123 | password_viewer.exe bar311.exe * iloveher.exe | say no to drugs!!! * display monitor.exe | new folder variant * ImgKulot and variants, jamesgo, bungoton and the like [*.bat, *.reg, *.vbs collection] * kxvx | kavo, amvo, kevo * transmit.exe setup.exe | black pegasus * .. and still counting! Written in Visual Basic, Initially it was only for cleaning and removing VBS\Worm.Solow variants, popularly known as "Hacked by Godzilla" and "Taga Lipa Are" which that spreads through removable mass storage devices(flashdrives and thumbdrives) via Visual Basic(VBS) and autorun.inf scripts. The Noob Killer now caters a hefty amount of worms and viruses listed for cleaning, with the current active development, the list is still counting everyday. Armed and packed with tools to help remove other Viruses and worms, aiding users to gain back control of their computers and workstations. The latest build currently has the following tools: * Run replacement | similar to MS Windows run * Run Items | shows run items on startup | with delete and backup functions. * Simple Process Explorer, able to close down Processes hidden on the standard Task manager. * Delete File on Restart | similar to Unlocker, Hijackthis, MoveOnBoot programs. * Create Copies of Windows Native TroubleShooting Tools such as * Msconfig, CMD, regedit, taskmanager List of registry hotfixes that restores settings on the registry that has been modified by viruses causing severe errors and usability impairment. * Folder Options * Task Manager * Regedit * Control panel * Task Bar Right Click * IE Title Bar Caption * and Turning on\off of autorun on CD Drives, and Flashdrives respectively. The Handy Live update feature allows users to update their Noob Killer with just a few mouse clicks within the Program itself. Currently, the production is trying to make the Noob Killer Compatible with new and old systems, keeping the Program, small, portable and non bloated for effiency and importantly Speed. The Noob Killer is under testing on Windows Vista, working for support to get things running properly, it has been tested under WINE on Linux and is able to run smoothly without too much quirks. Donations are always welcome solely dedicated for updates and production.

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