Unreal Tournament

OpenSuse 12.1 (64 bit)
CrossOver 11.1.0 UnrealTournament 4.36 patch with alternate OpenGL renderer. Mutator used: Akimbo Arena on Xeon 5640 / 8800GTS512
Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bit)
CrossOver Games 9.2.0 unreal tournament main menu, running on an emulated wine desktop.
Ut99 runs fine in D3D on 64 bit Ubuntu but has problems with semitransparent dynamic textures. See the smoke "splashes" left by some rocket explosions in the left corner. Graphic adapter is a Geforce 7900 GS with the latest NVidia restricted drivers.
UT99 runs fine on CrossOver Games 8.0 with D3D. No big graphical glitches beside dynamic textures (e.g. blood squirts on the ground). Host is a AMD Opteron 170 running Ubuntu 8.10 x64.
If you look closely, there are some graphic rendering problems with the guns, but that really is its only issue. There are, however, problems with running it in full screen mode, so use the troubleshoot mode in the menu.
There are some rendering software issues, and you sometimes have to run it in troubleshoot mode, but the sound is great, the graphics dont have major issues and the game-play's very smooth.
Fullscreen with x11 window bar

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