Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

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Install and setup guide - cxgames linux 8.1.4

How to install Arcanum using the original CDs and 1.074 patch.

Patch downloaded from Ausgamers.

Unfortunately cxgames does not yet support SecuROM (at least in the default configuration), so you are on your own with this issue.
According to the WineHQ myths FAQ, SecuROM is mostly functional.  As John Cleese once said "Don't mention the war".

This was tested on Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty" with the 32-bit deb of cxgames (private multiuser mode).

Anyway, this is how I did it.

1.  Copy contents of both CDs to one folder called 'install' in my home directory.  I had to change the permissions on that folder so that the user has read/write permissions on all files and folders beneath, to be able to copy and overwrite any redundant files from the second CD.  Then I repeated the permissions process just to make sure my user account had full access to that folder.

2.  Applications --> Crossover Games --> Install Windows Software
3.  Tick install other game and hit next and next
4.  Choose other installer file, then click browse and navigate to the folder you copied the cd contents and select SETUP.EXE, hit next
5.  Choose new bottle (I always rename the bottle to the name of the game), and use the win98 template.
6.  Allow the install process to run, I went with the default settings.  DON'T choose to install directx8.0a.
7.  Once setup has completed, chose Quit from the menu that pops up.  You now need to install the official patch.
8.  On the next screen, crossover will offer to install more windows software, you can view installed associations if you like.  Tick the box and hit next.
9.  Go back to step 3 and repeat, but this time choose the patch file as your installer file and in step 5, choose other existing bottle - ignore the 'likely to produce errors warning", as we are patching an already installed game.
10. Allow the patch to install.
11.  To improve performance you need to run the game with two commandline arguments: -no3d and -doublebuffer, this works around some graphical glitches.  To do this go to Applications --> Crossover Games --> Run a Windows command.
12. Select the arcanum bottle, then hit browse to the Arcanum game folder and select Arcanum.exe
13.  Back at the command window, click the cursor on the command in quotes, and go to the end of the quotes, then add: -no3d -doublebuffer
14.  Then hit the Create Shortcut button.

You should now have an icon on your desktop which should launch Arcanum.

Unmodified Arcanum runs at 800x600 and this isn't alterable.  If you want to run in windowed mode you will need to tweak your settings further by configuring the arcanum bottle to run in a virtual desktop environment.

To do this:
1.  Applications --> Crossover Games --> Configuration
2. Manage Bottles Tab, select the arcanum bottle and hit configure
3.  Click on control panel tab and click on winecfg
4.  Click on the graphics tab in winecfg, tick the box for 'emulate a virtual desktop' and enter 800x600 as the size.  Click OK.  You can actually enter any size you like and arcanum will resize it to 800x600.

Now you can run Arcanum from your desktop shortcut and it should run nicely....
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