Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

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Installing on CrossOver 10 from, with Hi Res patch

These were the steps I took to get the game running well on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 using Crossover Games Linux 10.1

  1. Download the installer from
  2. Run "Install Windows Software"
  3. Select "Other Application" from Unsupported Applications
  4. Select setup_arcanum.exe for the installler file
  5. Create a new winxp bottle and install
  6. Download the High Resolution patch from
  7. Run "Install Windows Software" and install the patch into the same bottle and directory as Arcanum
  8. From the command line, run "wineconsole cmd" to get a windows command prompt
  9. cd to the directory where Arcanum is installed (e.g. H:/.cxgames/Arcanum/drive_c/Program Files/
  10. Run HighRes.bat
  11. Follow the instructions to set the screen resolution and font sizes (I recommended setting the fonts to the largest size)
  12. To launch the game, run "Run a Windows Command", select the Arcanum bottle, and browse for Arcanum.exe. Once selected, append " -no3d -doublebuffer" to the command, after the .exe, inside the quotes (thanks to MoLE for this trick).
  13. Either run the command or create a launcher and start the game from there.

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