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Launch Call Of Duty with modern nvidia-drivers

If you're trying to launch Call of Duty through Steam on a modern nvidia-drivers/Linux build - it may pop up with a buffer overun error and prevent you from launching the game. You basically just have to export or declare a variable "__GL_ExtensionStringVersion" prior to launching it or Steam. It's just telling the game that you have an older/compatible opengl version. There are a few games I know of that require this so it's handy to have a simple launcher/link that adds this compatibility feature.

  1. If you use desktop shortcuts, right click and choose properties.
  2. If you use kde menu links, right click on kde menu and say "Edit Applications", and locate your Steam entry.
  3. If you use the same bottle or Steam for other games you may want to create a second link in case this variable interferes with newer games.
  4. In the command input box just prefix the entire command in quotes with __GL_ExtensionStringVersion=17700 and choose Save. 
    • For example it may look like :
      __GL_ExtensionStringVersion=17700 "/home/user/.cxoffice//games/desktopdata/cxmenu/StartMenu.C^5E3A_users_Public_Start^2BMenu/Programs/Steam/Steam.lnk" %u
  5. If you prefer you can edit the Steam.lnk or use your own custom script to launch it just the same.
    • For example it may look like:
      __GL_ExtensionStringVersion=17700 exec "/home/user/cxoffice/bin/wine" --bottle "games" --check --wait-children --start "C:/users/Public/Desktop/Steam.lnk" "$@"
by nexusrootnexusroot on 2014-05-03 22:54:19
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