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Fix: Ubuntu 12.04 NVIDIA Video card misdetect / Gray screen


Platform: 64-bit Xubuntu 12.04

1.) Chose "Diablo-II-8370-enUS-Installer/Diablo III Setup.exe" as the installation program (not directory)
2.) Install proceeded just fine, updated, launcher says "Game is up to Date". Click "Play".

3.) Encountered Error: Video Card Unsupported
        Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3
        Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600
    This is incorrect. I actually have an 1GB GeForce GTX 460 and Diablo 3 runs fine under Windows.   
    I am using the Nvidia proprietary drivers (295.40).

4.) Pressed "Esc" instead of "Cancel" when error popped up. This means "proceed anyway".
5.) Encountered perpetual gray screen. Couldn't do anything; had to switch to a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and kill wine processes manually.


Upgrade NVIDIA proprietary drivers to at least version 295.53. The fixes for this issue were added very recently.
This also fixes the video card misdetection issue as well, so the game starts (successfully) without an error message after clicking "Play" on the launcher.

by Ryan Sanden Ryan Sanden on 2012-05-26 01:28:29
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