Dungeon Siege

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Work arounds for CXGames 9.0.0...

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Installation of Dungeon Siege proceeds perfectly with CXGames versions 9.0.0 and 9.1.0. There are a few problems that you may experience if (like me) you are using it on a Mac--can't say for Linux version. Here are the problems that I experience:

Problem 1, Moving Pointer: This problem only occurs when you run the game in full screen mode. In this case, the program starts fine; however, once you get a game started and get through the introductory movie, the mouse pointer moves continuously upward and slightly to the left, working its way toward the upper left corner of the screen--makes it nearly impossible to play, to click on any particular desired button, object, or enemy with any degree of accuracy. To fix this, go to the bottle manager, in the Control Panel, and run winecfg; in the Graphics tab select the checkbox to have it emulate a virtual desktop and put in the resolution matching whatever one you have currently set in the game. Once you do this, the pointer will no longer move on its own.

Problem 2, Square Garbled Pointer: This problem only occurs when you run the game in its own window. When you run the game, there is visually garbled square surrounding the mouse pointer. The background in this square flutters and changes a lot, making it hard to see what is around the pointer. The only way I know to work around this is to change to full screen mode, which fixes this problem, but introduces the other problem (much worse).

So you seem to always have to deal with one of these two problems; personally I think Problem 2 is the lesser of the two evils. I will post solutions if I find some.
by Jason on 2015-01-23 04:11:25
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