Left 4 Dead

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Black screen? Glowing icons that trail?

This issue is fixed as of Crossover Games 8.1.3 when it fixed a bug in the Radeon cards that screwed up things like bloom and underwater distortion.

However if you do not have this version and u get that weird black screen with glowing icons trailing around the window in L4D there is a simple console command to solve the issue.

NOTE: this requires one to activate sv_cheats 1 in the game and therefore disables achievements and any hope of online play (also nulls the effect experienced when one is sprayed with Boomer Bile. )

To temporarily fix this issue one loads up Left 4 Dead like normal. When at the main menu go into the Options menu and then the Keyboard menu and check that "Developer Console" is "enabled".

If it is then start a single player game.

If not... enable it. 

When in game press the "~" button on your keyboard to bring up the console. 

Then type: sv_cheats 1
and press enter

this activates cheats which is required to disable the overlaying post process.

Then type: mat_postprocess_enable 0
and press enter

This disables any post processes such as overlays, bloom, etc.

press ESC on your keyboard to return to the game.

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