Microsoft Office 2016

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hebrew support for microsoft office 2016 with crossover 17

If you want to support hebrew in office 2016, what worked for me was as follows (i've tested it only on Word,but it should be the same for all the office softwares):
1. first of all - to support the hebrew language - edit the file "bottle_path/cxbottle.conf", look for the section with "EnvironmentVariables", add a line in that section that says: "LANG" = "he_IL.UTF-8" (with the double qoutes). that will make your win7 os defined in the hebrew language, and allow you to use hebrew language.
        todo: check if this step is a must.
2. to add the rendering of the hebrew letters (so we can read and not have empty squares for hebrew letters), we need to things: uniscribe dll (usp10.dll) and hebrew fonts. i've tried to install them from crossover,but didn't succeeded, so i've used winetricks for the trick, and there i've added usp10 dll, and some fonts (unifont, red had font, tahoma and lucid)
        todo: find how to do this without winetricks, and if all the mentioned fonts are required (probably not)
3. after this - when i tried to install the hebrew version of office it did install, but crashes on init (probably the unicode rendering takes to much). so i sticked with the english version, and it works, but with 2 flaws:
     a. i can't install the hebrew language pacakge, so for now there are no proofing tools for hebrew.
     b. the hebrew letters are still overlapping eachother, which makes it unreadable. i've managed to solve it by using arial unicode ms font,        which is a monochrome font, and keeps the spaces between letter bareable. looks ugly, but readable.
       todo: still need to solve the overlapping and find a way to install the language pack

all for all - microsoft word works on linux (my distro is kali) with hebrew (minimul) support.

i'll upload screenshots to the screenshots area

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