Microsoft Office 2016

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Installing on Chrome OS (17.1.0)

You can search for Microsoft Office 2016 and install it that way or you can create an empty bottle and install it that way (you'll need to have a local file to install from either way, I used a .ISO file).  If you do the former, the number of icons for apps installed is a lot less (you just get the main apps - Word, Excel, etc.), however, if you do the latter, you get lots of app icons for all of the little things/programs as well.  Also, if you create your own bottle, you'll need to install the Core Fonts as well as MSXML 6 SP2 into your bottle to get it to work.  So far I have only installed Word, PowerPoint and Excel due to space limitations on my Chromebook.  I have not been successful in getting PowerPoint to work yet, but Word and Excel seem to run fine.  Also, the Configuring Office 2016 app. keeps popping up after successful installation.  I have let if finish and reboot, not reboot, not let it finish, and it still just keeps popping up.  You'll also get the "Install Important Updates" dialog a little while after successful installation.  I have chosen to do updates later, and go ahead and do them now and have not seen any affect yet.

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