Microsoft Visio 2007

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Generating EPS output

Saving as SVG does not seem to work.  Saving a WMF does seem to work, but the wmf2eps program rejects the file.  Here is how I was able to generate EPS output reliably.

1. Create a diagram
2. Reset the page size to fit diagram. File -> Page Setup… -> Page Size -> Size to fit drawing contents
3. Print to a PostScript printer you have defined in CUPS under linux. My printer is a PS printer, so it was already on the list. Select the “Print to file” box and press OK. In the file dialog that opens, name your file
4. Reset the bounding box of with ps2epsi: ps2epsi This yields whatever.epsi.
5. Include whatever.epsi into Lyx or Latex and enjoy
by Unknown on 2009-07-17 11:30:31
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