Microsoft Word 2007

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Adding Language Packs

There is a way to install language packs in Office 2007, however you
have to do it when installing Office itself:

1) copy the Office2007 installation CD/DVD to your HD
2) copy all directories of the language pack CD into the above Office directory,
in particular copy all language dirs (e.g. *.DE-DE) but do not copy the
3) select setup.exe in this installation dir for the cxoffice installation; in
addition to the office applications you will also see the language packs now in
the selection window.
4) select Office (or any application), when given a choice after entering the
product key, choose "customize"
5) in the customize dialog, select the language tab, there select all languages
you need (in my case English, Deutsch) and install

Now you have also the proofing tools and dictionaries for the additional
languages installed.
by Unknown on 2011-02-23 15:47:56
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