Neverwinter Nights 2

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CXG 9.2 + NWN2 Retail DVD 1.0

1)You can use the C4P which works flawlessly to get the base game going -- just start up the installers for each expansion to install them.  Best and easiest method.  Skip to step 7 after you install NWN2 and each XP.
2) Create a new bottle.
3) Install .Net 2.0
4) Install DX Modern
5) Install VC++ 2005
6) Install NWN2 and then each expansion.  Don't patch yet.
7) Install the registry keys from Run regedit for your bottle -> Registry pulldown -> Import Registry File.  Now you should be able to update fine.  If not, continue to the manual process.

Manual Update Process
1) Goto and download all the needed patches.  Use the legend below to get the right patches.  Its most painful if you have none of the expansions.  

nwn_pc == The base game
nwn_pcx1 == Mask of the Betrayer Expansion
nwn_pcx2 == Storm of Zehir Expansion

2) Get the offline patcher here:
3) Run the patcher tool and select the included .rtp file in each patch zip file to patch the game.  You can queue them all if you wish as well with this tool for quicker patching.

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