Neverwinter Nights 2

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NWN2 In mac ox 10.5

Here goes...

1 First of all create a bottle of win-2000 and install the .NET 2.0 framework on it (for me this was done with crossover pro but I think it can be done by installing IE6 first ???).
2 Then archive the Bottle and import it into crossover games (I'm talking here about the macintosh version) for where you can install C++ redist 2008 and DirectX9 in that order.
3 Download or source these .dll files: (d3dx9_28.dll d3dx9_30.dll d3dx9_36.dll devenum.dll dxdiagn.dll mscorwks.dll msvcm80.dll msvcp80.dll msvcr80.dll), copy and place them   
   the c/windows/system32 folder and the originals in a separate folder ( you will need them latter ).
4 Open regedit located in c/system/system32/regedit.exe and navagate to /HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Softwhare/Wine/Direct3D and change the string value of "useGLSL" from  
   disabled to Enabled. then create the following and set the strings accordingly; 
   "VideoMemorySize" set to greater then "256" ( It dousn't matter if you have less real Video Ram then that, but NWN2 will not start with any value less then 256) 
   "DirectDrawRenderer" set to "opengl" 
5 Install NWN2 allowing the reinstall of the .NET framework and DirectX9
6 Copy the previously saved .dll files we retrieved and past them into the install folder of NWN2 located in /Users/"your User Name"/Library/Application Support/CrossOver  
   Games/Bottles/"Bottle Name"/drive_c/Program Files/Atari/Neverwinter Nights 2

Patch the game to 1.23 to remove the DRM.

8 Start the game from within Crossover...

If the game Has Problems starting it is probably due to the x11 handling of windows so play around with the winecfg.exe graphics section until it starts alright. If you still have issues playing it is probably a video card problem that I can't go into here.
Even if it starts it is unlikely to be perfect, the window will refuse to full screen altogether for some reason but it is useable and doesn't crash or hang as far as I can determine.

One last point, the updater still needs some work as it seems unable to keep up a connection to the network for any extended period of time. Therefor you will need to download any updates manually.

If I find a way around ether the CD issue of the Updater I will write another post explaining how but in the mean time this works as a substitute for those desperate to play...

Good luck and happing playing :)
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