Quicken 2013

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Amazon Downloader crashes

When you purchase Quicken from Amazon the download they give you isn't the real Quicken installer, but their Amazon Downloader program which fails to run in Crossover. If you can get the Amazon Downloader to work it will then download the actual Quicken installer .exe.

We've discovered a workaround that can usually get the Amazon downloader to work.

First open Crossover, go to the Configure menu, Install Software, pick the 'Internet Explorer 7' entry and install IE7.

Next go to the Programs menu in Crossover, Run Command, select the IE7 bottle, and Browse to and select the Amazon/Quicken .exe installer you downloaded from Amazon and run that. When the Downloader is run against a bottle containing IE7 it'll uncompress instead of crashing. So finally you'll now have the actual Quicken 2013 .exe installer.

To install Quicken 2013 open Crossover, go to the Configure menu, Install Software, and choose the Quicken 2013 entry and pick your Quicken .exe as the installer source and you should be good to go then with Quicken.

Alternately you can contact Amazon and have them ship you a retail CD of Quicken 2013 which doesn't require any of this and you can simply insert in your Mac and Crossover will install. It just takes awhile longer to get the disc.

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