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G2/G3 Installation Tips for Linux Users

Refer to "G2/G3 Installation Tips for Linux Users" forum thread for testing details, environment, comments, status and speculation.

1)  Optionally, install Microsoft DirectX Runtime (9.0c) from the Crossover Installation Wizard as a supported application into a win2000 or winxp bottle.   This provides a more comprehensive system information log when generated from the Control Panel-->Technical Support-->Assemble System Information (see screen shot).
2)  Install RealFlight as an "unsupported application" or "other installer" to the same bottle.
3)  When part 1 of the install is complete, open the application and allow the file copy (part 2) to complete.  When finished, the application will automatically attempt to open when you should see the Great Planes logo "loading program".
4)  If you then get an error "A Debugger has Been Detected... Please Unload the debugger and try again", close the application and try the following work around  (Note: This does not work with a win98 bottle):
    a)  Open the RealFlight Control Panel from the Windows Application or Games menu.
    b)  Obtain the latest RealFlight version update using the Control Panel "On line Updates" button or download the update from the RealFlight or Knifeedge Software website.  My install version of G2 is 2.00.637 and the latest upgrade available is 2.00.723.  If you are installing G3 or newer, this may not be an issue but if the error message does appear, try updating.
    c)  If you obtained the update using the Control Panel, the update should proceed automatically.
    d)  If you downloaded the update, it will need to be installed manually into the same bottle as the application as "unsupported software" or "other installer" option.
6)  Open the application and you should see the Great Planes logo as before then a white information box stating "Not Connected Please plug in the I-Controller and press ok to continue...".  You should also hear the application opening music.  This is identical to the applications behavior in Windows when the I-Controller is unplugged.

Edit: Simplified the Tips and Tricks section and moved context information to "G2/G3 Installation Tips Discussions" forum thread.
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