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Workaround to install Rift update - Streaming Client - 5/9/12

**This issue has been resolved with the latest Rift 1.8 Hotfix #6 - 5/10/12.  Thank you, Trion!**

Rift's latest update - Streaming Client - 5/9/12 may throw a Rift error and Program error after clicking the 'Update' button.  If you are seeing this, then follow these steps for the workaround:

1.  Go to Crossover's 'Configure>Manage Bottles...' menu, select the Rift bottle in the 'Bottle' tab, and click 'Quit Bottle' and 'Force Quit Bottle' (if necessary) to close Rift after closing out the error messages.  Leave the 'Manage Bottles' window open for the following steps.

2.  Re-launch Rift and login.

3.  Back in 'Manage Bottles', select Rift bottle and click the 'Control Panels' tab, then double-click the 'Task Manager' item.

4.  In the 'Task Manager' window that appears, click on the 'Processes' tab, select 'riftpatcherrorhandler.exe', and click 'End Process'.

5.  In the Rift launcher window, click 'Update'.

6.  Let the update download, extract, and install completely and the 'Patch Successful' message appears before clicking 'Play' and entering the game.

7.  On subsequent launches of Rift, the 'riftpatcherrorhandler.exe' process will have to be killed again before clicking 'Play' in the Rift launcher to enter the game.

by Quan Nguyen on 2012-05-10 10:43:35
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