Sins of a Solar Empire

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SoaSE: Trinity combo release does not work with existing tips

The recently released Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity compilation does not appear to run under Crossover using any of the existing tips at this time.  This holds true for the digital download and "probably" the copy that can be obtained on disc as well.  Attempting to run the Trinity launcher after copying the game and user data files from a working Windows installation and applying the other existing fixes results in a prompt crash of that file and locks up the bottle it is in.  The individual executables for the "original" game and the 2 expansions can be launched separately, however you get a product activation prompt asking for your serial number.  The serial number provided by the Impulse software under Windows for this game does NOT work.

I suspect that if it can be determined why the Trinity launcher is crashing, resolving that and then applying the existing tips will result in a working copy under Crossover.
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