Sins of a Solar Empire

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To install/run in Linux (7.2.2)

This is how I got Sins to install/run (kind off) in Ubuntu 9.04 with 7.2.2

1: Install using Crossover from install media.
2: download and install 1.05 patch
3: Install directx into Sins bottle (I used the basic install not the download)
4: Create a new shortcut to c:\program files\....\Sins of a solar empire\sins of a solar empire.exe

To fix the "large fonts" issue use the same fix as per the MAC fix below.

download font pack from and extract all files to c:\program files\.....\Sins of a solar empire\Fonts.

in game movies and menus seem to work fine however, this is why I said run (kind off), above. The game appears to crash for me after a few minutes of playing. So far I've only played small maps, after applying the font changes it didn't CTD like previous but did hang up forcing me to KILL ALL APPS in the Sins bottle.
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