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Steam won't launch in Crossover Games 9.2 on Linux

This article only pertains to CrossOver Games 9.2 on Linux machines at this time.

A recent update from Valve (November 16th, 2010) caused a known issue to be more painful for Source Engine based games running on Linux machines. We are working to resolve this issue. Until that time, we offer the following workarounds.

The following workarounds have been tested with CrossOver Games 9.2, please note that the testing for these workaround is not extensive and your mileage may vary. If, after attempting these workarounds, Source Engine games still do not launch please know that we are working on the problem.

In any case, if you would like to be notified when we have a more solid solution, please open a Support Ticket or email and ask to be added to bug number 7563.

Workaround One

The first fix will only apply to bottles that have Steam installed in them and may not remedy the problem. It sets an override for the dll gameoverlayrenderer to disabled in the registry and appears in Wine Configuration as (??) in the Libraries tab.

Apply this workaround by downloading the following file:


Then launch a terminal and run the file like so:

~/cxgames/bin/cxinstaller (path to)/bug7563.c4p or /opt/cxgames/bin/cxinstaller (path to)/bug7563.c4p

Workaround Two

The second is a dll compiled with a patch that attempts to work around this issue. This fix has not remedied the problem for everyone.

To use this fix, first rename the file located at either:

~/cxgames/lib/wine/ or /opt/cxgames/lib/wine/

To something else (add .bak or .old as an extension).

Then, download the included file:

This file is intended for Crossover Games Linux 9.2 (might work with 9.1 was well)

The included library contains a patch submitted by Henri that seemingly fixes the games broken by the recent Steam update. Note -- this is only a stop-gap measure; a more complete fix is in Crossover Games 10.

This library has been tested against several applications (Steam and non-Steam), but has not been tested against every application. A clean install of CrossOver Games will return it to the original state (or if you followed the above steps, restoring the old file will do the same).

Place the file in:

~/cxgames/lib/wine or /opt/cxgames/lib/wine

Again, if you continue to experience problems, please contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or emailing

Special Thanks to Don for his assistance in testing this out and to our developers for working so quickly on this issue
by Andrew BalfourAndrew Balfour on 2011-03-29 16:08:15
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