TaxAct 2014 Tips

Setup Guide & Bug Report CrossOver for Mac 14.x

Here's how to get TaxACT 2014 to run in CrossOver 14.x. ;)

1. Create a new XP Bottle.
2. Install Steam (installs basic things needed for TaxACT).
3. Install Internet Explorer 8.
4. Set Graphics in Wine configuration to "Emulate a virtual Desktop". I set the Desktop size to 1024x768.5. Install desired TaxACT components. (I installed all the components in the 1120S bundle, which include: TaxACT Business 1120S, TaxACT Deluxe, & TaxACT State 1040. I also installed the Business 1120S State.)

It appears that TaxACT doesn't like the import Trial Balance CSV from QuickBooks option (for 1120S). It gave me a "TaxACT has stopped working" error both times I accessed the feature. In fact, expect to get that error A LOT. :(

The other thing that does not work correctly, is TaxACT cannot upload your return electronically; it will fail. You can get around this by selecting the alternate method (from the failed TaxACT window). It will open an Internet Explorer window and allow you to browse for the file needed to file your return electronically. PLEASE NOTE: it will tell you the name of the file it is looking for before you start to browse for it. Make sure you have the correct file name if you are filing multiple returns. ;)

Last Tested: 2015.09.14
CrossOver 14.1.4

by bulletproof on 2015-09-15 03:14:13
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