Thief 3: Deadly Shadows

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Title Added By Last Modified
Mouse pointer dissapears during the installation & game prevents the user from selecting any open system windows. Łukasz JanowskiŁukasz Janowski 2014-05-11 08:46
Sneaky Upgrade Patch corrects several graphics and mouse issues and patches the game Mark ShogerMark Shoger 2014-08-05 15:20
Widescreen resolutions Silviu CojocaruSilviu Cojocaru 2014-03-01 17:20
Install High Resolution Texture Pack NarlesNarles 2011-01-25 19:18
Fixing the mouse cursor in CXGames 9.0.0 and/or Crossover 11 EskildHEskildH 2012-05-04 23:59
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