Wizardry 8

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Getting Wizardry 8 to in run CrossOver Games

The following install tip applies to the following configuration:
- Dell Precision M90
- Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit)
- Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M Driver version 260.19.06
- Crossover Games Linux 9.2.1

- GFX card that supports OpenGL

Game version:
- SirTech 3 CD retail release (with 1.24 patch)

The following will allow you to make this work.
The trick is to NOT use directX in this version of CrossOver if you have a GFX card that supports OpenGL (previous versions worked for me.)

Install Wizardry 8 as usual. Use the win2000 bottle.
Before running game do the following
1. Goto the wizardry 8 installed directory.
2. create a text file named 3DVideo.CFG
3. Add the following lines:

Dolby Surround

4. Save the file.
5. Run the game.

Some notes:
1. The radar may get visual artifacts. This is a known problem.
2. 3DSetup.exe will crash and overwrite your manual settings. So if you run that accidentally, you will have to manually patch the config again.
by Lester Chua on 2010-12-23 20:50:02
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