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Special World of Warcraft Build for Crossover 17

This is Katie, your local Blizzard fangirl from Codeweavers QA and Tech Support! I am incredibly excited to announce that Codeweavers has built a special version of Crossover JUST for World of Warcraft! Now before I get ahead of myself I would like to explain a bit about this build, but I’ll try to make this brief so you can get to the good stuff asap. I do briefly want to say thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts here at Codeweavers. We have undergone tremendous growth over the last few months of posting this, and have been incredibly busy trying to keep up with all of the new things happening here. You have all been so patient and kind, so thank you for keeping with us in these exciting times.


We have created a special build of Crossover for World of Warcraft. The reason we have done this is because some of the patches that are in this build MAY BREAK OTHER THINGS. We don’t know how the patches will interact with programs like Microsoft Office, or if it will or make other applications unstable (they won’t hurt your computer though, just possibly other applications run through Crossover). I will elaborate the best I can, but basically:

1. If you use Crossover for anything OTHER than Blizzard or gaming, please make sure to install the .bin installer (if you used the Crossover .deb or .rpm installer). This should allow you to have two instances of Crossover IF you did NOT use the .bin installer initially.

2. YOU MAY NEED TO REINSTALL WORLD OF WARCRAFT INTO A WIN 7 BOTTLE. I am sorry if this is the case but Blizzard games need to be migrated from Win XP to Win 7. Unfortunately the easiest way to do this is to reinstall the games. There may be a way to manually move the files but due to the nature of Crossover and having two copies I would suggest a reinstall to be on the safe side.

This is important because we have created this build JUST for World of Warcraft. We also know that it will allow people to run the Remastered Starcraft (though we are having trouble with the multiplayer aspect currently), as well as all of the other Blizzard games (minus Overwatch and Activision’s Destiny II). 

This will be an unsupported build, meaning that it will not be maintained like past builds, though we are not sure what the future of this build will hold. I am excited to say that this build (with all of these patches) may run other games better than current Crossover but we just don’t know. We are excited to see what games run better with the addition of the patches so please send us feedback if a game runs better with the Warcraft build. That will allow us to push internally for some of these patches to make it into Wine and Crossover.

You can download the build here:

As a active and excited member of the Blizzard community I am so happy we were able to create this build for all of you. It has been a labor of love, and we have attempted to do extensive testing on it to make sure that all of the components work but if you are having trouble with it please reach back out.

by Katie Grace on 2017-12-27 14:36:39
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