Rate how well a software application or game works on CrossOver

We use a star based rating systems to inform on how well a particular software application or game works with CrossOver.

Unknown or Unrated

Question marks are displayed when no ratings have been reported.

All application entries start at this rating. Over time staff and users can visit this page and rate how far they got in running this Windows application in CrossOver. If you try this application please return here and submit a rating for how this application worked, or didn't, in CrossOver.

1 Star - Will Not Install

This application won't get through installation.

Most installers are standardized and CrossOver will be able to run them without a problem. However some companies customize the installer, or write their own, and the custom programming fails in CrossOver. The Windows application itself might be functional, but there's no way to get it out of the installer.

2 Stars - Installs, Will Not Run

This application installs, but fails to run.

The Windows application immediately closes or freezes when you try to run it. You may be able to add various dependencies or try different workarounds to get this application to start, so please check the Support section for more information and tutorials. If the program still won't launch then whatever programming this Windows application needs to work doesn't exist yet in CrossOver.

3 Stars - Limited Functionality

This application installs and runs, but has problems.

This application runs, but there are significant functional gaps. CrossOver translates Windows commands to their corresponding Mac/Linux commands and back. When a Windows program uses commands that CrossOver doesn't know how to translate the Windows program may not respond when you click things, have garbled output, or crash. You might be able to add different dependencies or try workarounds to get this application to run better, so please check this application's Tips and Forums tab. It's also possible that programming added in a future release of CrossOver might help this Windows application run better, so check back later.

4 Stars - Runs Well

This application installs and runs quite well, with only minor glitches found.

The core functionality of this Windows application works fine under CrossOver. There still may be some extra functions that don't work right, but overall this application should be mostly usable. We don't maintain a list of what specific functions work/don't work per-application in our compatibility database, but you may want to check this application's Forums tab and see if other users have reported and particular details about running this Windows application in CrossOver.

5 Stars - Runs Great

This application installs and runs great, the same as it would in Windows.

Practically all of the application is functional. Using this application in CrossOver should be the same as running the application on native Windows OS.

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