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Screenshot Submission Guidelines
  1. The image must be full size, do not scale the image down.
  2. We prefer PNGs, but JPGs or GIFs of good quality will be accepted.
  3. The application in the image MUST be running on Mac or Linux. We will reject any image that looks like it was taken from Windows.
  4. Please run your application or game in a windowed mode, and include part of your desktop in the shot. This helps prove your entry was not running under Windows.
  5. We will reject images that contain items that are inappropriate for a professional website.
  6. We only need images of the application itself, not the installer.
  7. Additional shots that look too similar to existing ones in a given application will be rejected.
  8. Please only submit images of working applications. Images containing error messages will not be accepted.
  9. Please limit the number of screenshots uploaded. Applications don't really need more than 5 to 10 shots.
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