The App of Your Eye


So you have your eye on a Windows app that you want to run on macOS, Linux and/or Chromebook. You’ve already checked our compatibility database and it’s not there. Right?

Now what? For quality control purposes, we need to make sure you are willing to do the following.

  • Become a BetterTester – it’s free to you and you can earn cool CodeWeavers Swag by participating.
  • Test the app yourself with CrossOver
  • Submit a rank for the application you would like us to approve
  • Submit a screenshot if the application runs with CrossOver

If you can meet all four of these conditions, let’s get started by first signing up to be a BetterTester and your app will soon be on its way for approval with our quality assurance team.

If approved: This doesn’t necessarily mean that it works, or we have fine-tuned it to work better than your experience. It means the information you filled out looks legit enough to add it to our compatibility database as a point of reference. Think about it this way, if your KalePestoNoodle app doesn’t work under CrossOver, and you’ve submitted it as one star, another user looking to run the Windows KalePestoNoodle app now knows that CrossOver isn’t likely the solution.

If disapproved: Not all conditions above were met.

Requirements not met!

Did you read the above text? You need to be a BetterTester in order to submit an app.

Sign Up to be a BetterTester


Your application submission has been recorded.

We will email you if the application you submitted is approved and added to the database.

Click Here to see your list of submitted applications. From that list you can review and make updates to your submissions.

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