Reseller Program Description

CodeWeavers is constantly searching for quality resellers who have an active interest in helping develop the Mac and Linux communities. We offer all our resellers the following:

Types of CodeWeavers Resellers

CodeWeavers supports both basic Resellers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). The basic difference between the two is that VARs receive better margins in return for being able to deliver first tier support to their customers. In other words, a VAR is expected to be able to help the customer install and configure all CodeWeavers products. In addition, a VAR must be able to field a reasonably high percentage of support requests internally without CodeWeavers becoming involved in customer support. Customers of a basic Reseller, however, receive customer support directly from CodeWeavers.

Reseller Web Site

The CodeWeavers Reseller Web Site provides Resellers and VARs with the ability to place orders directly through our store.

Enhanced Web Traffic from CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers offers functionality to intercept non-English speaking leads and redirect them to our overseas vendors. So long as you have made the effort to translate CodeWeavers product descriptions into your native language, and have a page for CodeWeavers products on your site, we can send extra traffic and leads directly to you. This helps better serve local market conditions, and reinforces our commitment to our partners.

Sign Up!

Our reseller program sign up form can be found here.

Comments? Questions?

Inquiries regarding reseller opportunities can be directed to:


If you're interested in more of an Affiliate relationship, rather than resale, visit our Affiliate sign up form to learn more about our Affiliate program.

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