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Released August 25, 2016 the CrossOver Chrome OS preview will let you run Windows software on Intel-based Chromebooks and Android tablets. Seamlessly run full-featured Windows software that is not available in the Google Play store alongside mobile apps. Run Windows utility software like Quicken and Microsoft Office, or DirectX games, like Wizard101. Games from your Steam library will run with CrossOver Chrome OS at native speeds. Get rid of remote sessions and multiple devices! With CrossOver Chrome OS you’ll only need one device to run your Windows programs and mobile apps.

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white acer chromebook running crossover android

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Video Gallery

CrossOver on an Intel Chromebook
Wizard101 on an Intel Chromebook
Playing Limbo on an Intel Tablet
CrossOver Chrome OS - Unedited

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for the preview?
Enter your email above to be informed on the latest CrossOver Chrome OS news and an exclusive invitation to the CrossOver Chrome OS technology preview.
What will it cost?
How do I install the CrossOver Chrome OS preview?
Follow our four step installation tutorial.
Will it be included with CrossOver?
CrossOver Chrome OS is its own product, but the developer preview is free and available to anyone on our beta program that has an Intel Chromebook/Android device.
I already have CrossOver, can I get it now?
Not yet.
Can I beta test?
Not yet but stay tuned - if you add your name to the list of interested parties we will send you email with any beta announcements.
What spec will the technology preview need?
Intel-based Android device or Chromebook running Android 5.0 or higher.
Who can I contact with other questions not listed here?
You can e-mail with any other questions or concerns that you might have regarding CrossOver Chrome OS.
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