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How does the free 14-day
trial of CrossOver Linux work?

CrossOver Linux Windows on Linux Software Box

We offer a free, fully-functional 14-day trial of CrossOver Linux. The free trial of CrossOver Linux takes about one minute to download. Your trial period begins as soon as you launch CrossOver the first time.

When your free trial ends CrossOver will stop working, but any Windows programs you've installed or run during the trial are still there. Once you purchase a CrossOver license you can remove the trial timer and continue using your Windows software on your Linux - no need to reinstall.

Why try CrossOver Linux
before you buy?

Unlike an emulator that requires a full copy of the Window OS, CrossOver translates the commands your Windows software wants to use to Linux and back. This translation system means you don't need to spend hours setting up a Windows operating system first, you can just install your Windows program directly into CrossOver and run it.

It’s a big process to try and recreate all the Windows operating system commands, and CrossOver isn't complete yet. CrossOver uses the open source Wine project, which we are the largest contributor to, and all of the work we do to make Windows programs run better goes directly into the Wine project. CrossOver adds value by being a simpler monolithic install, provides scripted installation for many Windows programs, and graphical tools for managing multiple application containers.

Right now many Windows programs work great in CrossOver. However some might have reduced functionality, or may not run at all. That's why we encourage everyone to try their favorite Windows software first in our fully-functional 14-day trial and see for before purchasing.

We also maintain a large Compatibility Center database of user reports, documenting how various Windows programs run in CrossOver. If your program runs under CrossOver you're good to go with the easiest, least expensive, and friendliest Windows compatibility software solution out there. And even if it doesn't, you've only spent a few minutes to potentially save yourself several hundred dollars and all the hassles that come with Windows.

So before you go plunking down your hard-earned money for an emulator AND a copy of Windows AND spend an entire afternoon setting it all up, give us a try!


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