What Our Customers are Saying

Our customers are our biggest supporters. CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux have helped hundreds of thousands of people run Windows software on Mac and Linux worldwide. See what people who have actually purchased and used CrossOver think. They say great things. Have something nice to say about CrossOver, email us, we’d love to hear from you.

Amazing! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. So far I have been able to install two of my favorite games: "Rift", and "Star Wars, The Old Republic". The only game I haven't been able to successfully install so far was Neverwinter Online, so I had to do it using Playonmac. You guys rock and are completely worth supporting. Thank you for everything you do :)

   - Terry
I have a Chromebook C302 and downloaded your app yesterday to use NCH's Wavepad on my Chromebook. While it is a little buggy, IT WORKS! Thank you for a great product this far.

   - Ley Jean
"It's great application. :)"

   - Adrian
"Very impressive! A great alternative to Parallels"

   - David
"Saved me from the lack of support for my genealogy software."

   - Paul
"I value being able to open up just the one Windows app that I want to use, with no apparent loss of overall performance of the computer or the bloated clunkiness of the full emulation apps that I just don't need. CrossOver works well for me."

   - Tim
"I've been waiting for years for Crossover (Mac) to evolve to the point where one could run legacy software like this. So psyched that it's finally here."

   - Marc
"Crossover was easy to install as well as the Windows app I wanted to run. It is the most cost effective way to run Windows apps on the Mac."

   - Michael
"I am very pleased with your product. I have purchased several versions of crossover office. This is the first time that I feel comfortable with using crossover office in a production machine, for professional work. I can use this product with confidence."

   - Timothy
"very good support with knowledgable staff"

   - David
"Loaded easily. Great product. I've already turned 2 people on to this platform. Thanks for the help"

   - Steve
"Product is getting more polished as time goes by. Linux user since 1994, production use since 1999. This is the easiest to use of several WINE products."

   - Walter
"Once installed it works seamlessly. Happy to support your work!"

   - Roger
"Great job guys!"

   - Marco
"Brilliant app; very pleased. Did not want to run Bootcamp or Parallels on iOS so this is great solution. "

   - Sheridan
"Great product. Keep up the good work!"

   - Norm
"Just that it's an easy and enjoyable way to open and use Windows applications without installing Windows itself."

   - Chuck
"Works great for what I needed it for!"

   - Steve
"Great product!"

   - Luis
"I was impressed with how easy it was to install and use, but not so dumbed down as to not give me a way to learn more about what I was doing and the whys/hows of it all."

   - Colleen
"Thank you for making your product it's an essential product."

   - Noah
"Always pleasant, non-stressful experience when talking to CodeWeavers staff, whether I'm renewing or getting support. Keep up the good work."

   - Richard
"Thanks for giving me the experience of playing a windows based game on my Mac!"

   - Stephen
"It's the one app for Linux I have no problem purchasing and renewing as being able to easily install Windows apps in an isolated and transportable container is just brilliant."

   - Rod
"Crossover is the perfect solution for my purposes! Great website, great software, great service! I will recommend codeweaver to my friends and others!"

   - Hartmut
"Keep up the good job!"

   - Roland
"Terrific product I've recommended to several other friends."

   - Gregg
"Codeweavers has a sterling reputation..and the CrossOver app works beautifully with Morse Runner, my chosen Windoze app."

   - Larry
"Your CrossOver Mac solution works perfectly and I had no problem installing or running the application."

   - Raul S.
"This is going to be the best £25+ I ever spent since I got my Mac Pro."

   - Peter D.
"No fuss, no muss; it just worked. Awesome."

   - Peter D.
"It's amazing how well Starcraft 2 plays. Very well done!"

   - Conal M.
"I am completely blown away how far you guys have developed & optimized wine. The cost for the license is totally worth the money."

   - Conal M.
"Words are insufficient to express my admiration. You folks are absolutely amazing."

   - Derek C.
"I honestly want to thank you guys for the amazing software you've developed. I own an iMac which I love dearly, only problem is that I've always had to use bootcamp to play Guild Wars, which on Windows 7, does not work amazingly well, especially considering the sound drivers had issues. I just installed Guild Wars using CrossOver Games and it works amazingly, I did my research and found tons of people complaining that the game didn't full screen properly, that confused me since it went into full screen with no borders or title bars or anything, the graphics look great and the connection works perfectly."

   - Philip D.
"I installed Left4Dead 2 last night and man, am I blown away."

   - Eric H.
"This is the first Linux application I've paid for in my 10 years in the Linux Wonderland. Wine is fine, but Crossover makes managing Windows applications much easier."

   - Juha P
"Every time I fire up StoryView, I get such a kick that I don't have to run Windows, all because of your company."

   - Mark
"Your product just works. And BTW I always recommend it first to my customers because most of the time it's all they need. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

   - Phillip H.
"I have been enjoying your product for a few months now. All I have to say is WOW!!! It really works perfectly!"

   - Phillip H.
"I think I've mentioned it before, but your service has been awesome... which I think warrants sending you folks some money. You seem to be one of the few companies that still know the meaning of 'customer service!'"

   - Bjorn W.
"Your software has helped me greatly and will also help many other Mac users!"

   - Nathan P.
"After having tried CrossOver for the Mac, why would I ever need to use virtualization again? Using CrossOver couldn't have been easier."

   - Jordan K.
"No Windows!!! Wonderful. Crossover isn't expensive, and for my money is well worth the price."

   - Lin
"My sincere thanks to your company for providing this wonderful program!"

   - E.C. Van Der Eecken
"Your product is *completely awesome*; it works *beautifully* on Ubuntu!!!!"

   - Michael F.
"You guys freakin' rock! This is easily one of the best OS X software products in the last 5 years."

   - Scott C.
"Chalk another one up for Crossover. My girlfriend's a movie/TV costumer, and one of the few vertical-app packages around for doing costume breakdowns for movies and TV is this piece of Windows 98 abandonware. It seems to work flawlessly under Crossover. Lucky us! Now I don't have to try to get Win 98 working under Parallels, a dicey proposition now that you can't patch it any more via Microsoft."

   - Mike O.
"Wow. I attempted to install Boot Camp. Lots of problems ensued. I installed CrossOver and the first downloaded Windows program worked instantly."

   - Bob C.
"Thanks for making cross over...it ROCKS! I just installed an unsupported program and it's working beautifully...you have made my day!"

   - Bryan M.
"I was thrilled to find your product that allowed me to utilize Internet Explorer on my Mac without having to install Windows on my system. Thank you!!!"

   - Whitney S.
"I was considering purchasing a copy of XP and Parallels for use with bootcamp in the Leopard OS. That was very costly and much too painful as a solution. I came across Crossover for Mac and installed it, and my work application worked like a charm!"

   - Passion
"I use Dreamweaver MX & Photoshop 7 extensively for my web work and I can honestly say that both these programs are running as well as they did in Windows. Thanks for an excellent product and I mean excellent product!"

   - Adrian (United Kingdom)
"Crossover Office 5.0 has enabled me to migrate to Linux on a full time basis."

   - Adrian (United Kingdom)
"Just for the record, I have found CodeWeavers to be the best company I have ever dealt with, bar none, for service, availability, and openness of communication."

   - John R.
"Codeweaver is the brick in the bridge that finally makes migration to a Linux platform a practical reality for those of us who use certain essential programs that are not likely to be ported to Linux."

   - Raphael S.
"This is the slickest ever. It's well worth the money for a nifty interface to WINE and not having to set the whole WINE environment up."

   - Bruce
"We're very impressed that Quickbooks (New Zealand edition) works so well - complete with multi-user support. Money well spent!"

   - Steve A.
"You probably get this all the time, but I want to say that Codeweavers have done a brilliant job!"

   - Steve A.
"Installation was pleasantly painless (a thorn with many linux apps), and it was intuitive and easy to use. Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

   - Marty S.
"You guys should be really pleased with this product, and kudos to you for doing such a nice job with it!"

   - Marty S.
"I just wanted to say WOW! I found myself looking back to the desktop a couple of times to verify that I was indeed still running Linux!"

   - Marty S.
"Plugin did exactly what you said it would do, right away. I ran the script, clicked a few buttons, and it worked. Talk about good work!"

   - Joe G.
"YOU GUYS ROCK!! ... I am proud that I could shell out my cash to support you guys. I'd do it again!"

   - Marshall M.
"I must say I am EXTREMELY impressed with Plugin! Not only does it work really well, but I am even *more* impressed with the support."

   - Marshall M.
"[Plugin] Works well ... It was *easy* to install and works seamlessly ..."

   - Dannie S.
"Microsoft Media Player Support. Finally, every major plugin on the internet, along with several obscure ones, are now supported under Linux."

   - Mozilla News
"As a person who needs to read and edit lots of documents in MS Word, I found that CrossOver Office was a life saver for me. It worked great! Kudos for a great product! You saved me from constantly rebooting between Windows and Linux."

   - Hetz B.H.
"Office 2000 installed perfectly. Thank you very much. This will revolutionize linux for the desktop."

   - Salane K.
"It works so well, and the Windows programs that it currently supports run so smoothly, that it makes me feel slightly guilty -- as though I'm somehow cheating."

   - Rick Lehrbaum - Desktop Linux.com
"In general, running CrossOver Office was so similar to using Office on a standard Windows system that it was sometimes difficult to remember the PC was actually running Linux."

   - Michelle Delio - Wired
"CrossOver Office represents another step toward making Linux a viable desktop environment for select corporate and power users."

   - Robert Lipschutz, PC Magazine
"It still amazes me, when I click on that little Windows icon in my KDE Panel and Word loads 'as if on Windows', on my Linux system, in about three seconds flat."

   - Rick Lehrbaum, DesktopLinux.com
"I depend on CodeWeavers' Linux product so I can work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files the same way my Windows-addicted colleagues work on them."

   - Andy Oram, Oreillynet
"I really admire Wine... and particularly admire what CodeWeavers has achieved with Wine."

   - Andy Oram, Oreillynet
"Keep up the good work. You have actually made Wine usable!"

   - Joey B.
"Regarding the products...WOW! Y'all have really done a great job..."

   - Joey B.
"Please keep up the good work so lazy people like me have it easier!!!!"

   - Tim B.
"At one point, I was using plain old WINE, but your company sure does a fabulous 'value add'."

   - Tim B.
"I love it! It works beautifully for me."

   - Tim B.
"CrossOver Office has helped me immensely."

   - Mike P.
"Thanks again for a great product. Students always ask, "How are you running PowerPoint on Linux????" I let them know :-)"

   - Mike P.
"Your products were worth every penny and I'll be renewing my support for sure."

   - David O.
"CXPlugin was a godsend!"

   - David O.
"You deserve my $54.95 more than anything else I've bought this year."

   - Arrigo (a very, very happy CrossOver user)
"My most heartfelt gratitude to all involved in making CrossOver Office. I don't know how I ever managed without!"

   - Arrigo (a very, very happy CrossOver user)
"I can't imagine how tough it is to replicate as complex an environment as Windows on a proper OS like Linux, but you are living legends for doing so."

   - Richard G.
"I am gobsmacked, and cannot believe what I'm seeing! This is incredible work..."

   - Richard G.
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