Configuring a bottle

Bottles can be configured via the Bottle configuration dialog. This dialog is launched from the Add/Remove or Manage Bottles tab in CXSetup.

Advanced Bottle Settings

The Advanced Settings dialog boxes allow you configure the advanced features of CrossOver Games. Most users will not need to adjust these settings.

The advanced configuration settings can be modified by clicking on the Advanced button in CXSetup's Bottle Settings tab.

HTTP proxy.  CXSetup can simplify the installation of applications and fonts by downloading the required installer for you. If you want to use this functionality and your internet connection should go through an HTTP proxy, then please enter the proxy settings here.

Host.  Specify the hostname of the proxy here.

Port.  Specify the port of the proxy here.

DirectDraw.  Most applications work best with DirectDraw turned on. A few applications (older versions of QuickTime, iPix, etc.) may appear in the wrong colors or otherwise distorted when using DirectDraw. To turn DirectDraw off, uncheck the Enable use of DirectDraw box.

Disabling DirectDraw will prevent QuickTime 6.5 from working properly.


This tab lets you manipulate the menus and desktop icons created by the Windows applications. In addition, it provides a way to launch many installed applications directly from within CXSetup.

If your menus become corrupt, desired entries are missing, or unneeded menus are present, you can adjust the set of active menus via the 'Enabled' checkboxes. To start a program from the Menus tab, click on the icon for the program you want to start.

Menu root.  By default, menus for all Windows applications are created in a group called "Windows Applications". Modifying the Menu Root will change the location of these entries in your system menu.


You can keep the menus for your different bottles organized by specifying a different menu root for each bottle.


This tab lets you integrate the Windows applications with your email client and your desktop environment.

For instance if you installed QuickTime, then CrossOver has the ability to view '.mov' documents. This will be indicated by an entry for the ".mov" file extension.

The Associations List displays the most commonly used file types supported by your Windows applications. Changing the value in the State column will change how CrossOver makes that association available to your desktop environment according to the following values:

  • Default: Default associations take priority over all other handlers for a given MIME type. If QuickTime is the default association for the '.mov' extension, QuickTime will automatically open whenever a '.mov' file is double-clicked.

  • Alternative: Alternative associations remain available for handling an association, but do not necessarily launch when files are opened. If QuickTime is the alternative association for the '.mov' extension, QuickTime will generally appear in the "Open with..." menu if a '.mov' file is right-clicked.

  • Mime: Associations set to 'mime' are registered with your desktop manager, but are inactive. If QuickTime's '.mov' association is set to 'mime' then QuickTime will be visible in the association manager tool for your desktop, but QuickTime will take any active role when '.mov' files are accessed.

  • Ignore: Associations set to 'ignore' have no effect on your system whatsoever.

Show common file types only.  When this option is checked, the Associations List will only contain the most commonly used file types. To view the entire list of file types supported by your Windows applications, deselect this option.


Many Windows applications work best when they use original Windows fonts. The Fonts tab provides a way to download and install these fonts and allows you to view and change the other fonts that are available to CrossOver applications.

The Available fonts frame lists all the fonts usable by CrossOver. This includes all the TrueType fonts found in TrueType Font paths.

Add a font...  Clicking this button will launch the install wizard with a list of fonts that can be installed. All of these fonts are available for download.

Add all fonts...  Click this button to install a full suite of Windows fonts. This will take some time, as each font will be downloaded and installed individually.

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