The Advanced tab

The Advanced tab provides infrequently used bottle options. Most of the settings available here will be automatically set to reasonable defaults.

Make Archive….  This button creates a compressed archive of the selected bottle. It is often prudent to make a backup archive of a bottle before installing new software or modifying bottle settings. Archives can be restored using the Add From Archive… button.

Use Native Web Browser by Default.  Often when a web browser is installed in a bottle, URLs are automatically opened by the browser in the bottle. Click this button to redirect those URLs to your standard system browser instead.

Bottle type.  All bottles, when created, are of type 'private'. A private bottle can only be used by a single user on the system, and is stored in that user's home folder.

A 'published' bottle is stored in a public directory (in /opt/cxoffice/etc) and can be used by any user of your system. Published bottles cannot be modified -- any changes that a user makes to the bottle are stored for that user only. The only way to make public changes to a published bottle is to make a private copy of the bottle, modify the private copy, and then re-publish.

Publish….  The Publish… publishes a copy of the selected bottle under the specified name. Once the bottle is copied, all the users of your system will have access to the applications and data in that bottle.


Any private data that is stored in a bottle's C: drive (for example, passwords, login information, private emails, etc.) will be available to all users on the system. Generally it is best to publish a new bottle before you have configured or used any of the applications it contains.

Create a Package from this Bottle….  If you need the ability to distribute a bottle to a large number of systems, you can use the Create a Package from this Bottle… option to create a self-contained .rpm, .deb, or .pkg file from a bottle. More information about this can be found in the Installing CrossOver on multiple systems chapter.

Make This the Default Bottle.  The default bottle is displayed in boldface in the bottle list. It is used to handle Wine commands in the shell, and start executables that are passed to CrossOver directly without any indication about which bottle should be used.

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