Chapter 8. Migrating from CrossOver Games

CodeWeavers used to sell a separate version of CrossOver called CrossOver Games, which focused specifically on running Windows video games. The functionality of CrossOver Games was merged into regular CrossOver in version 11 of CrossOver, and CrossOver Games is no longer a supported product. However, CrossOver does come with a migration tool for users who still have CrossOver Games installed on their computers. Most users will never need to use this migration tool and can skip this chapter of the documentation.

By default, when CrossOver starts, it will search for software which needs to be migrated from CrossOver Games. If CrossOver finds games which need to be migrated, it will offer to do so automatically. Allowing CrossOver to perform this migration is the simplest way to access all your CrossOver Games applications from CrossOver.

This chapter explains migration in detail, and describes advanced migration options available for advanced users.

CrossOver's default migration tool

When CrossOver detects that software is available to be migrated from CrossOver Games, it will offer to migrate them automatically, as shown below.

If you click Import Now, CrossOver will move all of your CrossOver Games software into CrossOver. You will be able to use all of your old CrossOver Games software with CrossOver, but it will no longer be installed under CrossOver Games. (You may be prompted to quit CrossOver Games before the import.)

Once you have migrated all of your software from CrossOver Games to CrossOver, you can safely delete CrossOver Games from your computer. You may also chose to keep CrossOver Games if you wish.

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