Chapter 8. Finding more information about running your Windows application with CrossOver

The CodeWeavers website has a database, the Compatibility Center, with information on how to run thousands of Windows applications in CrossOver. You can search for your application from the CodeWeavers home page, as pictured below.

First, visit CodeWeavers at in your favorite web browser. Look for the search section labeled 'What Runs?' at the top of the CodeWeavers home page.

Enter the name of your application in the search section and press 'enter.' Below is an example of a search for Word 2007.

On the application's page you will find useful information, such as: the community's estimate of how well it will work in CrossOver; a forum dedicated to your application; and 'Tips and Tricks' for using your application with CrossOver.

If the application page has a green button labeled 'Install [your application name] via CrossTie', then a simple click on that button will let you install it on your computer.


If you have the CrossOver Software Installer set to automatically download new profiles, then these applications will also be already present in the assistant's application list. The Compatibility Center provides an alternative route for locating the same software for users who prefer to browse a website.

In most cases, a single click will launch the CrossOver Software Installer. With some browsers you may need to download the CrossTie file (it will have a .tie extension) and double-click to open it.

Using CrossTies with multiple CodeWeavers products

Starting with CrossOver XI, CrossOver will run both games and office applications like Microsoft Word. We recommend that you use the most modern version of CrossOver available to run all of your Windows software.

However if you own an older copy of CrossOver Games you may continue to use it alongside CrossOver XI and later if you wish to do so. If you have both CrossOver and CrossOver Games installed on your computer, you can chose which product to use when you install an application using a CrossTie file downloaded from the CodeWeavers website.

If CrossOver detects that you have more than one version of CrossOver installed which can handle a given CrossTie file, it will prompt you to make a choice about which version to use. The window below is an example of what you might see if you have attempt to install software via a CrossTie when you have two versions of CrossOver installed. Simply select the version of CrossOver you want from the drop-down menu and click Install. CrossOver will then install your software with the version you have selected.

Select your preferred version, and you'll be off and running.

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