Chapter 4. Registering CrossOver

When you download CrossOver from the CodeWeavers website, you have a trial version which will last for 15 days. This trial version has all the functions and features of the full version. Any Windows software that works on a full version will also run in the trial version, and vice versa. The important limitation of the trial version is that bottles can only be used for 15 days. This means that any Windows packages that you install using the trial version will cease to work no more than 15 days after their installation.

CrossOver will warn you periodically of the approaching expiration.

You may purchase CrossOver at any time from the CodeWeavers store. Doing so will allow you to permanently activate CrossOver so it will not expire.

When you visit the CodeWeavers website to purchase CrossOver, you will be asked for an email address and you will get to choose a password. You must remember the email address and password you enter into the website when you purchase CrossOver. You will use this same email address and password to register CrossOver.

You can then register CrossOver at any time from the HelpRegister CrossOver… menu, as pictured below (note: you must be connected to the Internet in order to register):

When you choose to register CrossOver, you will see the following dialog:

When you see the dialog pictured above, remember the email address and password you entered into the CodeWeavers website when you purchased CrossOver. Enter that same email address and password into the registration dialog and click the Register button. Your version of CrossOver will then be registered.

When you have registered CrossOver, all existing bottles and applications are unlocked.


If needed, you can also run the registration tool from the command-line, like this:

$ ~/cxoffice/bin/cxregister

Enter your email address and password into the registration tool, and click Register.

CrossOver will connect to a CodeWeavers server, unlock your installation, and notify you of the success of the operation.

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