Chapter 10. Troubleshooting

In case of problem, the first place to start is the CodeWeavers Support Library. It is updated regularly to document known issues and their workarounds. With luck the solution to your problem may already be waiting for you.

You can help make CrossOver Linux an even better product by reporting any new problem you come across to the CodeWeavers support site. Before you can enter a ticket, you will need to log in to the system.


This is a public system. Emails sent to this address will be viewable by all. This also means that you can access past support issues and their resolution by going to There are privacy options available if you do not wish your request to be public. To learn more about these, read the FAQ on that site.

When reporting a problem, please include a description of actual vs. expected behavior in your reports, as well as the steps we should go through to reproduce the problem. It also helps to know which distribution of Linux you are using (including versions, please), whether you are using Unity, GNOME, KDE or neither, and whether you have installed CrossOver as root or in a regular user account.

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