Adding a new drive or customizing the drive label / serial number

CrossOver allows you to add new drives to be used by Windows applications, and to change their label or serial number. If you need to create a new drive or have an application which depends on a serial number or Windows volume label then follow the examples below.

For example to make the path /mnt available as the drive J: in a bottle, you would execute the following command:

$ ln -s /mnt "~/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/bottle-name/dosdevices/j:"

To associate this drive to the /dev/sda1 device you would add a double colon to the command.

$ ln -s /dev/sda1 "~/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/bottle-name/dosdevices/j::"

For 'real' devices, CrossOver should automatically get the serial number and label for a volume. However you can also set these manually. To set the serial number of a given mount point you need to create a file called .windows-serial on the root of the virtual drive.

$ echo '12345678' >/mnt/.windows-serial

To set the label you would create a file called .windows-label on the root of the virtual drive.

$ echo 'MY_LABEL' >/mnt/.windows-label

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